• Operation voltage (24VDC)
  • Communication with ethernet connection
  • You need to make sure that your PC and your intercom is connected to the same network as INSPINIA .After the Inspina Touch panel is opened, 8080 is added to the end of the product IP address(Default IP = to access the product Web interface via the web browser.(Figure 1.1)
  • You can access the user interface as shown in the below picture.

User interface (Figure 1.2)   Username = admin / Pasword= admin (New version’s password: 4W3FVG)

  • Click the intercom tab in the settings section for configuration.(Figure 1.3)
  • Drag and Drop the image on the right. (Figure 1.4)
  • You can make settings after double click the image (Figure 1.5)
  1. Name = Text the Device’s name (A Block )
  2. Intercom = Choose the Intercom type (Akuvox)
  3. Intercom Ip Address = Text the Intercom Ip Address (Akuvox)
  4. Relay type = =  Choose the Relay Type

   a) GPİO = Touch panel output control

       Output = Choose the Relay output which you want to control with

   b) BUS = Relay control with Bus Line

      Bus Address= Ip address of the relay module

   c) Ip module =Control with smart Ip relay

       Ip Address=  Ip address of the smart relay

   d) AKUVOX= Control of the Internal relay in Akuvox

       Username =  Text a  name which you prefer

      Password=   Text a  password which you prefer


  • You can go to web interface of the Akuvox by write the ip addres into web browser. (Figure 2.1)
  • Web Interface (Figure 2.2)     Username = admin    Pasword= admin
  • Click to phone book/local book   for make connection between Akvox and Inspinia (Figure 2.3)

Contact Setting

Name = Write a name ( 2.apartment)

Phone =  Touch panel IP

Grup= Write a group name (A.block)

  • For relay control, Open Relay via HTTP into the Intercom-Relay section(Figure 2.4)   
  1. Switch =Switch position is Enabled
  2. UserName = Name of the Touch panels internal relay (Figure 1.5)
  3. Password = Password of the Touch panels internal relay (Figure 1.5)