Configuration of NIO8 such as addressing, and programming is done by INSPINIA touch panels web interface. After finishing wiring please enter IP Address of INSPINIA Touch Panel to web browser.


Controller which is added on smart home page will link Input terminal automatically. Example:

  1.  While defining OUT1 (101) as “Lamp”, IN1 terminal will be linked automatically and can be used as switch terminal of “Lamp”.
  2. While defining OUT1 (101) as “Shutter”, OUT2 (102) will be also assigned as “Shutter”. Terminals IN1 and IN2 will be linked as “Shutter” switch “Up” and “Down” respectively.

If Input is not linked with an Output, then it might be used for the security object which are available on Settings/ Security page. It can be motion, fire, magnetic sensors etc. For addresses, you can check the Input Address Table.

Manuel Mode

Press OK button for 5 seconds to enter manual mode and I1 (Input) LED will start to blink. By right and left buttons, you can move the cursor between Outputs. Once you press OK button you will toggle the status of selected Output. To exit from manual mode, again press OK button for 5 seconds and LED will stop blinking.


Disconnect device power. Push and hold the reset button which is on the right bottom corner of the device while powering up the NIO8. All LEDs on NIO8 will blink 3 times and your device will reset to factory settings.

Caution: While formatting output relay and input state automatically will be switched to Normally Open (NO) state.